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Mobile WorkSpaces: A Powerful Way To Reign In Mobile Data Sprawl

Data Security for Remote Workers

It seems every week there’s another news story about a mobile storage device being a central part of a security breach. Whether that’s a worker losing an unencrypted device, or, as in the case of the Flame malware, actually used as part of the attack.

These types of incidents show that data security is no longer just about defending the corporate perimeter: where the network is trusted and everything outside is suspect. Today, data needs to be protected wherever it travels and wherever the user works.
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Windows To Go: Compelling? Yes. However Adequate Security Will Be Crucial

Yes, But Adequate Security Will Be Crucial for Enterprise Adoption of Windows To Go.

There certainly was plenty of interesting news at the Microsoft TechEd North America conference recently. Updates included new versions of Internet Explorer, the Office productivity suite, and its flagship Windows operating system. All of this is important to enterprise customers, of course. But one thing that caught our eye, and hasn’t received the attention we think it deserves, is the potential impact of Microsoft Windows To Go.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Windows To Go provides a stored and full bootable image of Windows 8 on a USB device, so that mobile workers, contractors, telecommuters – basically anyone – can work just about anywhere they need or want, from almost any laptop they want.
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