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Data Breach Response Plans Should be Developed Now

Data Breach Response Plans Should be Developed Now.

In my previous post, “Data Privacy Brech Protection Laws Heat Map,” I highlighted the myriad US state regulations that govern what you need to do to comply in the event that your company experiences a data privacy breach.  What would you do if this happens? The time to decide is before it happens.

With federal enforcement, noncompliance could have serious ramifications, and the FTC is known for not shying away from levying penalties whenever it considers them appropriate.
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Using Telework to Keep Government Open

Secure mobile solutions, telework, and BYOD support government and business continuity

In February 2010, relentless blizzards, later termed “Snowmageddon,” forced government agencies in and around the DC area to shut their doors for a record-breaking five days. The price tag for the closings: roughly $71 million a day, according to OPM (Office of Personnel Management) Director John Berry.
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