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Imation and the IronKey Brand

A Powerful Platform for Secure USB Storage

I hope you’ve seen our announcement today, that Imation™ will unify its Mobile Security portfolio around the IronKey™ brand.

Of course, some of you might be thinking: What’s the big deal about a brand?  Well, it actually is a big deal, for us and for you, too.  Here’s some background.

The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive
In September 2011, Imation acquired the IronKey secure storage hardware business. This included the iconic IronKey device we know and love as The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive™. At the same time, the company IronKey licensed its brand to Imation while they focused their efforts on its Trusted Access software solutions.

This was OK, but not ideal. With two companies using the IronKey brand, this created some market confusion. People would drop by our booth at trade shows and conferences, tell us how impressed they were with the Imation Mobile Security portfolio and direction and then say, “How does what you have compare to the IronKey?”

To be clear – the entire IronKey secure storage hardware line, and much of the team that developed the products, are in fact a part of Imation today.

Data Security Matters
Fast forward to today. The former IronKey has now been renamed Marble Access, Inc., reflecting its focus on secure access to enterprise provisioned public and private clouds. Which makes it possible for Imation to put the IronKey brand and our IronKey products front and center.

Why does it matter? Because data security matters.  Look at the news any given week and it is clear that organizations and individuals are taking risks with personal data and confidential information every day, and that those risks are increasingly unacceptable.

Protecting Enterprise and Government Data
Imation has been in the business of protecting enterprise and government data for decades, and the Imation Mobile Security team – which brought together top engineers from IronKey, MXI Security, ENCRYPTX, and Imation – includes, in my humble opinion, some of the top talent ever assembled in hardware encryption, cryptography, mobile workspaces, secure device management and secure USB storage devices.

Together, the Imation IronKey brand stands for innovative USB devices that are incomparably secure, rugged and user friendly, managed via on-premise or cloud-based applications, and backed by strong customer support.

Imation’s Mobile Security research, development and engineering team has been supporting and manufacturing the current line and advancing the IronKey platform. Over the next six to nine months we’ll be transitioning all of our products to the IronKey name. In fact, Imation recently made the new Imation IronKey x250 Basic ™ drives available and will launch its IronKey x250 Personal ™ and Enterprise secure flash drives later in Q4 of this year. The IronKey drive is also the platform for Imation’s forthcoming line of secure mobile workspace PC on a Stick™ devices.

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