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Windows To Go: Compelling? Yes. However Adequate Security Will Be Crucial

Yes, But Adequate Security Will Be Crucial for Enterprise Adoption of Windows To Go.

There certainly was plenty of interesting news at the Microsoft TechEd North America conference recently. Updates included new versions of Internet Explorer, the Office productivity suite, and its flagship Windows operating system. All of this is important to enterprise customers, of course. But one thing that caught our eye, and hasn’t received the attention we think it deserves, is the potential impact of Microsoft Windows To Go.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Windows To Go provides a stored and full bootable image of Windows 8 on a USB device, so that mobile workers, contractors, telecommuters – basically anyone – can work just about anywhere they need or want, from almost any laptop they want.


The benefit to enterprises however, beyond providing users the ability to work wherever they need, is to do precisely that within a secure and controlled work experience on a system that is up to corporate policy. And with Windows To Go, having that level of security and oversight in place is crucial. With an entire desktop on a USB device, workers will be storing even more data than they do today, and with the ease at which images can be copied and reproduced, even more data will be at risk.


For instance, well-intended employees may not understand all the risks they expose organizations to when their device is lost or stolen. One way to protect these devices, obviously, is to encrypt the data. But users can’t always be expected to remember to encrypt their devices. Yet, with storage capabilities of 64GB and beyond, enterprises need to know that the devices running Windows To Go are protected and fully encrypted.


With Windows 7 mobile workspaces, Imation has deep experience with mobile workspace security. We’ve worked with numerous government agencies and enterprises to provide secure flash and USB hard drive devices that are protected by on-board AES 256-bit hardware encryption. This makes data unreadable by others, so when the USB device is lost or gets into the wrong hands, you don’t have to fear that your data will be exposed.

The mobile workforce has already changed the way organizations need to think about protecting their data and their systems. Microsoft’s Windows To Go will accelerate this thinking, focused on how to provide secure mobile workspaces to employees, teleworkers, contractors and travelers. And this adoption of truly secure mobility is only going to accelerate. That means it’s more important than ever that enterprises have the right tools in place to make certain that workers get the productivity and ability to work where they want, while the enterprise gets the security and policy compliance it needs.

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